Windows 7 and Windows 8 64-Bit Computers

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Computers running 64-bit Windows software have two Program Files folders.  When installing the Jiff-e-Books software on a 64-bit computer, the program should be copied into the default location;  the book files must be installed in the x86 folder.  To install the book files correctly, insert the Jiff-e-Books CD, click to install the books, and modify the install location as follows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Jiffebooks. Add the (x86) after Program Files and click ok to install the book files. NOTE: Be sure there is a space between Files and (x86).

Easy Way to Add Photo to Book

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Probably the easiest way to add a child’s photo to one of our personalized books is to take a picture with your cell phone. Take a close-up with the child looking into the camera. Use the built-in photo editing feature found in most smart phones to crop the photo closely around the face and save the picture. Transfer the picture to your computer and browse to it in the Jiff-e-Books software. Doing it this way you will get a good looking picture every time!

Jiff-e-Books Expands into South Korea

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Recently Jiff-e-Books added a new personalized book dealer in South Korea. This dealer will be selling our large soft cover books from our International Package.  We wish them well and hope they will sell lots of books.

Another Satisfied Customer…

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Unsolicited comment from a new dealer for Jiff-e-Books Personalized Books:

I am so happy I decided to go with your books…everyone has been so supportive and thinks the books are awesome.

Testimonial from a Jiff-e-Books Dealer

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“First I have to tell you what a wonderful product you have, we are only using your book materials due to the ease of use and quality of the finished book. Love it, love it, love it.”

The above unsolicited testimonial recently came from a dealer who has a kiosk in a mall and sells only Jiff-e-Books Personalized Books.

Mini Books Make Great Stocking Stuffers

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Mini Books are so inexpensive they make great stocking stuffers for Christmas or party favors for birthday parties. If you have a website, advertise a holiday special on mini books if the customer buys several books.  You can also do this in person, of course, when you are selling on-site. For $125 you can order supplies and activations for 250 mini books.  At a cost of only 50 cents each, you can make a nice profit and still sell them for a low price.

Good Time for Drop-off Marketing

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Right now is an excellent time to visit businesses  with a lot of employees to pick up Christmas orders for your personalized children’s books.  You can drop off order forms and a flyer or poster in a reception area or in a break room (with permission, of course).  With Christmas coming, people would appreciate the convenience of ordering at work and having the book delivered to them.  Leave a sample book or two and let people know when you will return to pick up orders. Alternatively, you could leave special discount coupons which they could use to receive a discount when ordering through your website.

New Way to Accept Credit Cards

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Many of our book dealers take payments through Pay-Pal.  Now there’s an easy way to accept credit card payments when you’re out in the public selling your books. PayPal has a new credit card reader that attaches to your iPhone and lets you swipe cards.  Best of all, the reader is free!  All you pay is the usual Pay-Pal fee of 2.7%.  Click Here to learn more about this new service.

New Licensee in Puerto Rico

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Jiff-e-Books wishes to welcome our new licensee in Puerto Rico.  She will be selling our large soft cover personalized childrens books in English and in Spanish. Our large soft cover books are perfect for dealers where shipping costs are high because they can purchase the paper and book cover stock they need from local suppliers. We’re pleased that our personalized books are now in Puerto Rico and we wish her lots of success.

Business Plan a Must

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If you want to succeed in business you must have a plan. This is true of all business, including the personalized book business. Without a plan, you’re just hoping that customers will find their way to you. What will your 2012 plan be? How are you going to increase sales? One way is to build a database of customers and potential customers. Develop a flyer that offers a contest for a free gift, such as one of your personalized books. All the consumer has to do to enter is to send in the flyer with his or her email address. Even better you could have them just email you to enter. Either way, you will have the email address of a potential customer. As your database of email addresses grows, you will have an ever-increasing customer base. This database is invaluable because it is made up of pre-qualified customers – people who have already demonstrated an interest in personalized products.