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Blogging Good for Your Site

January 29th, 2010

If you have a site selling personalized books (or anything else), adding a blog to your site can have a positive impact on your rankings in organic searches.

Adding a blog is quite easy. You can use free blogging software by WordPress. Your website host will probably put up a WordPress folder on your site for free. After they email you the login and password for your dashboard, you can sign in and be blogging in minutes.

Another way to blog is to go to If you blog on blogger, it is hosted for free and you can link to your blog from your website. One thing to consider is that if the blog resides on your hosted site, it is totally yours and under your control. If it is hosted by a service like, you could lose all of your blog postings if they decided to remove your blog for some reason.

Personalized Books as Realtor Gifts

January 27th, 2010

Here’s an idea for a different way of marketing personalized books. Realtors are always looking for an excuse to make contact with a prospective client so the client will think of them when they are ready to buy or sell a house. For instance, suppose a realtor holds an open house and meets a good prospect. If the prospect has a child, the realtor gets the child’s name and buys a personalized book to send to the prospect. The prospect will love having a book with their child’s name in it (and the realtor’s name and contact information). Realtors can also take a book along when making a listing presentation, when closing – just about any time they are making contact with a client or a prospective client.

Think about contacting a realtor, agreeing to make a book for one of their hot prospects, then offering to make books for them on an ongoing basis at a discounted price.

Staples versus binding machine for personalized books

January 25th, 2010

Personalized books can be bound several ways. Two popular ways involve either heavy-duty staples or a binding machine. Both methods produce a solidly-bound book. My opinion is that a binding machine that costs $125 or more is an unnecessary expense, plus it is a large item that is not convenient to carry when making books on location.

A heavy-duty stapler can be purchased at any office supply store for under $30 and it takes up very little space.

Easter Personalized Book Sales

January 24th, 2010

With the Easter season fast approaching, personalized book dealers would do well to use their personalized Easter letters as marketing tools. Of course, the Easter letters can always be sold to consumers, but another way to use them is to entice shoppers to make a more profitable purchase. Consider offering a free Easter letter with the purchase of God Loves Me or God’s Promise. The Easter letter costs you almost nothing and it will help you sell books. It’s easy to make a flyer using Microsoft Publisher or MS Word that will advertise your Easter special. If you are a Jiff-e-Books dealer and do not have the brochure/Santa Letter/Easter Letter software, you can purchase the CD for $59. With this CD you will be able to print an unlimited number of Easter Letters, Santa Letters, and brochures at no additional cost.

Upsell with Pictures in Personalized Books

January 22nd, 2010

Most personalized books on the market are personalized by inserting the child’s name, friends, gift giver, etc.  This makes for a book that a child and his or her parents will cherish for years.  Adding the child’s photograph to the book makes the book even more special.  All of the Jiff-e-Books Personalized Books can easily be personalized with a child’s photo.  Just point the software to the location of the jpeg picture file and the child’s picture is automatically inserted into a picture frame underneath the child’s name.  A close-up is best, as it shows the child’s face more clearly.  Dealers of Jiff-e-Books can use photo editing software to crop a picture and size it appropriately for the picture frame in the book.  A free download of photo editing software such as Picasa will enable dealers to alter the child’s photo for use in a personalized book.

Purchasers of personalized books will gladly pay up to $5 more per book to have their child’s picture in the books they order.  This is $5 of extra profit per book because there is no cost to the  dealer for printing a child’s picture in a book.

Jiff-e-Books now offering choice of hard covers

January 20th, 2010

The Jiff-e-Books system for making personalized books lets dealers print personalized books on blank paper, complete with color illustrations and personalized text.  The pages are then bound into a hard cover.  Since 2002 dealers have been customizing blank white covers for each title by printing a large cover label that is installed on the front and back of the book.  This method of publishing enabled dealers to print any of 22 titles and produce a finished book from totally generic materials.

Recently Jiff-e-Books has begun offering preprinted hard covers in addition to the white, customizable covers.  The new covers were made available by dealer request. When ordering, dealers have their choice of covers, preprinted or customizable,  at the same price.

Welcome to the new Personalized Books Blog!

January 19th, 2010

This is the first post to the Personalized Book Talk Blog.  It will have discussions of personalized books and other items in the world of personalization.  Please check here often for interesting and (we hope) helpful information.