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Give Drop-off Marketing a Try

March 31st, 2010

Drop-off marketing is a pretty simple way to get book orders. Take along a couple of samples of your best sellers and visit office buildings in your area. Show the receptionists the books and make sure they become enthusiastic about them.  Leave a sample or two along with your flyers/order forms. These can be left in a break room or shown around by the receptionist.   Make sure your flyer states clearly that you will pick the orders and payment up from the receptionist on _______ (insert day) and that the completed books will be delivered on a certain day.   If you drop them off on Monday, give them two or three days to get their orders together, pick up the orders and payment, then get the finished books back to them the next day or two if possible.

Use your creativity and come up with variations on the above idea.  You could easily take an afternoon and visit quite a few offices in one geographical area.  Your cost would just be your time and a few samples, and you might end up with a surprising amount of personalized book orders.

Free Accounting Software for Small Business

March 20th, 2010

Tax season is coming. Whether you use an accountant or you do your own taxes, accounting software can be a big help in organizing and storing the records you need to keep for your small business. In our personalized book business we have used Quickbooks for many years.

Quickbooks software has never been expensive, but now there’s a FREE version called Quickbooks Simple Start. This is downloadable software that does invoicing, accepting payments, and keeping track of finances.  You can download Simple Start for free.

Source Paper and Save on Shipping

March 12th, 2010

Jiff-e-Books Personalized Books dealers print their books on blank paper, one of the features of the all-digital method.  Our 50-book packs come with our without paper so that dealers have the choice of ordering book paper from us or purchasing locally.

There are a couple of advantages to buying your paper locally.  First, you save on shipping when you order books.  Second, you may be able to save on the cost of the paper by buying in slightly larger quantities.

The paper for our hard cover books is legal size (8.5″ X 14″).  You can buy quality legal-sized paper that is prepackaged.  Hammermill makes a nice 28 lb. paper called color copy paper that comes in a 500 sheet pack.  You may have to look around, but many paper stores and some office supply stores carry it.  There are other papers on the market that you may like to use; some are prepackaged and some have to be cut from a larger parent sheet.