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WordPress Blog Sites: Easy Setup

April 20th, 2010

Today it’s a much easier task for a novice to build a website than it was a few years ago.  A popular way to go these days is with a blog site using the WordPress publishing platform. WordPress is free software downloadable from The look of a WordPress site is determined by the choice of theme, or template, that is used.  There are free WordPress themes that can be customized, or you can buy profesionally-designed themes for under $100.

Plugins are software programs that can be downloaded as add-ons to your WordPress site.  There are all sorts of plugins that can add functionality to your site.  The WP e-Commerce shopping cart plugin for Wordpress is an easy-to-use fully featured shopping cart application suitable for selling your products on the web.

When you begin working with WordPress the learning curve seems steep.  “What in the world are they talking about,” you might think.  If you stick with it, however, you will learn how to add pages, posts, products and lots of other things to your site.  In the process you will come to appreciate the power of the WordPress platform.

Jiff-e-Books Selling Well in Mexico

April 10th, 2010

We have a book distributor in Guanajuato, Mexico who is selling a lot of hard cover Jiff-e-Books.  All of our books have been translated into Spanish by a Mexican translator so that the idioms and dialect are correct for Mexican Spanish-speakers. Unlike some personalized books in Spanish, our books have the cover titles in Spanish, as well.

If you are reading this blog and you are located in Mexico, please contact us about selling Jiff-e-Books personalized books in your area.