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Personalized Book Preschool Fundraiser

May 24th, 2010
A preschool fundraiser can be a  profitable way to market your personalized books.  Sell the fundraiser on the basis that it’s a good fit for a school and an easy way for the school to make extra money; also tell them that parents and kids will love the books and that it’s a great way to promote literacy, enhance a child’s self-esteem, and make reading fun.  You’ll have to negotiate how much the school will receive per book, but don’t give away the farm because you’re in business to make money.
Start by making up a flyer that clearly explains how the fundraiser works and take along a couple of sample books to nearby preschools.  the key is to make it easy for them. Use your creativity to design a flyer for parents to read that will get them interested in your books. Have the preschool distribute your order forms to parents.  Your order form should have a due date and a date the books will be ready.

Professional Email Marketing at No Cost

May 9th, 2010

Would you like to create an email marketing campaign with professional-looking, attractive emails — and not spend a dime to do it?  All you have to do is get a free acount at  For mailing lists of 500 and under, their service is free.  With this service you can create beautiful html emails with your name and logo, send them out to your mailing list, and track how many of them get opened.   They have a free webinar that you can attend so you can learn how to create and send your emails.  It’s a more professional way to advertise your business.

Personalized Books Help Teach Kids to Read

May 4th, 2010

Children who have difficulty reading or who don’t enjoy reading as much as other kids do can benefit from having a personalized book.  When they see their own name in the story and realize that they are the main character, it creates more interest for them.  As a result, they will pay more attention and will try to read the story themselves.  Many times a personalized book will become a child’s favorite book, read many times over.  Of course this repetition reinforces the learning of sight words and creates better comprehension.