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Increase your Business with NETWORKING

March 13th, 2011

A good way to increase your business is to let people know that you are in business.  This sounds like a “Duh” statement, but consider this: in your everyday activities you likely come in contact with a lot of people who are potential customers, people who don’t know you are in the personalized book business unless you tell them.  If you don’t have business cards, get some! You can use Microsoft Publisher. Choose a business card template, customize it for your business, and print the cards on preprinted, microperf stock you get from any office supply store.  Print out 10 per page, and burst them apart. Total cost: just a few dollars for the card stock. Give your cards to the clerk at the dry cleaners, to the hair stylist, anybody you meet.  All of these people need to buy children’s gifts from time to time, so why not one of your personalized books?

Easter Letters

March 1st, 2011

Our Brochure Printer CD also prints unlimited Easter Letters and Santa Letters.  If you have this software, think about how you’re going to promote sales for Easter this year.   Easter Letters cost almost nothing and can be sold for a nice profit or given away as an incentive to purchase a book. Another idea is to use them as a low-priced fundraiser item.