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Free personalized books website a great deal.

July 31st, 2011

With our Pro Business Package you get a free website that is already set up with all of the Jiff-e-Books titles.  You can take it from there and add any other items you want to sell.  It doesn’t require programming – you go into your control panel, click to add a category, and add each item you plan to sell.  Most people find that setting up their own site is time-consuming and sometimes just too difficult.  Selling personalized items requires setting up the site to capture the personalized book information, saving it so the customer can review before purchase, and passing the information on to you so you can fill the order.  Not just any shopping cart software can handle that task. The only cost you incur to operate your site is $15 a month for hosting.

Thanks for great customer service

July 12th, 2011

Letter from a Jiff-e-Books dealer: I just wanted to say thanks for your excellent customer service.  Recently I had a computer crash and I lost my hard drive.  I couldn’t find my installation CD for Jiff-e-Books.  I called Bill Graham and asked for help, thinking that I would probably need to pay for a replacement CD and wait for it in the mail.  To my surprise, Bill set me up a download from the Jiff-e-Books website and I was able to install the software in just a couple of minutes.  Plus, there was no charge!  It was nice to see that some businesses still understand what great customer service is all about. Now I can go back to selling my personalized books.

Time to get ready for fall

July 5th, 2011

Historically, the 3rd and and 4th quarters of the year see the strongest sales in personalized books and other personalized items.  Now is the time to take a look and see what venues are available to you for selling your Jiff-e-Books personalized books.  If you want to be in a mall for the holidays, now would be the time to start looking for the best deal you can find.  The same is true for flea markets, arts and crafts shows, etc. Think of ways to get your books in front of the public and start laying the groundwork to make it happen.

Also, if you’ve been wanting to put up a website to sell your books, this would be a good time to get it set up so it will be running smoothly in the fall.  If you have questions about setting up a site, please contact us and we will give you some advice.