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Mini Books Make Great Stocking Stuffers

November 29th, 2012

Mini Books are so inexpensive they make great stocking stuffers for Christmas or party favors for birthday parties. If you have a website, advertise a holiday special on mini books if the customer buys several books.  You can also do this in person, of course, when you are selling on-site. For $125 you can order supplies and activations for 250 mini books.  At a cost of only 50 cents each, you can make a nice profit and still sell them for a low price.

Good Time for Drop-off Marketing

November 29th, 2012

Right now is an excellent time to visit businesses  with a lot of employees to pick up Christmas orders for your personalized children’s books.  You can drop off order forms and a flyer or poster in a reception area or in a break room (with permission, of course).  With Christmas coming, people would appreciate the convenience of ordering at work and having the book delivered to them.  Leave a sample book or two and let people know when you will return to pick up orders. Alternatively, you could leave special discount coupons which they could use to receive a discount when ordering through your website.