Business Plan a Must

January 22nd, 2012 by Bill Graham Leave a reply »
If you want to succeed in business you must have a plan. This is true of all business, including the personalized book business. Without a plan, you’re just hoping that customers will find their way to you. What will your 2012 plan be? How are you going to increase sales? One way is to build a database of customers and potential customers. Develop a flyer that offers a contest for a free gift, such as one of your personalized books. All the consumer has to do to enter is to send in the flyer with his or her email address. Even better you could have them just email you to enter. Either way, you will have the email address of a potential customer. As your database of email addresses grows, you will have an ever-increasing customer base. This database is invaluable because it is made up of pre-qualified customers – people who have already demonstrated an interest in personalized products.

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