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Want a great business of your own? Jiff-e-Books, a leading supplier in the personalized book market since 1987, specializes in user-friendly software and high quality book supplies for your successful personalized children's book business. With Jiff-e-Books software, you can print full color personalized children's books on blank paper, so you don't have to inventory expensive preprinted pages for books that you may or may not sell.

Why a personalized book business? Almost everyone at one time or another has wanted to own their own business. Making and selling Jiff-e-Books personalized books is both fun and rewarding. You are providing an educational product that builds a child's self-esteem and encourages a love of reading. Parents and children will tell you just how much they like and appreciate the books you make for them.


Business Starter Package
50 Deluxe, Hard Cover Books
Jiff-e-Books Software Print All 22 Titles in English - no renewal fees ever
OK to Run Software on Multiple Computers
Jiff-e-Guide for Customizable Covers
Training Manual & Ongoing Support

Only $495*


*$30 Shipping Charge Added at Checkout

Why Choose Jiff-e-Books?

Professionally written stories with 4-color illustrations throughout, edited for appropriateness by educators

Preprinted or customizable covers

Own a rewarding business that promotes reading and positive self-esteem in children

No need for your money to be tied up in unused inventory

Low startup costs - small amount of supplies required; use your computer and a color inkjet or laser printer.

Print the child's picture in any book. This is a great selling feature as well as an additional profit maker for you.

Software that's reliable and easy to use - online user's guide for easy reference

Trouble-free printing - no waste, no ruined preprinted pages

Rewarding - your customers will love the books, and you will love the reorders

Flexible - Work from home, work on location, sell on the internet. A great part-time business. Be a part of the multi-million dollar children's book industry.
























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