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A Birthday Mystery Book Cover A Birthday MysteryThe child cleverly solves a mystery involving his very own birthday party. Baby Jesus and Me Book Cover Baby Jesus and Me Your child witnesses the first Christmas and learns the true meaning of it. The Balloon Ride Book Cover The Balloon Ride Everyone loves hot-air balloons. Your child wins a contest and the special prize is a real hot-air balloon ride!
The Ballerina Princess Book Cover The Ballerina Princess A dream comes true: to dance in a ballet. The child saves the day when the ballet princess sprains her ankle. My First Book Cover My First BookA record of baby's first year. It's a baby book personalized throughout. The Lost Dinosaur Personalized Book Cover The Lost DinosaurThe child visits a museum exhibit and helps a real baby dinosaur to go home — 150,000,000 years back in time.
The Firefighters' Hero Children's Book Cover The Firefighters' Hero The child reports a fire emergency and a cute puppy is saved. The child is rewarded with a special visit to the fire station. God Loves Me Book Cover God Loves MeA beautiful story where the child shares with animals, flowers and trees that God loves them, just as God loves the child starring in the story and everyone. God's Promise Personalized Book Cover God's Promise The child delights in the story of Noah's Ark when making his/her very own picture book about this favorite Bible story.
The Circus Star Personalized Children's Book Cover The Circus StarThe child becomes the hero of the circus by saving the life of Chuckles the Clown. The reward is a gold medal and a starring role in the evening's performance. Let Your Light Shine Personalized Cover Let Your Light ShineThe child befriends a new boy in town and learns the joy of sharing Christ with others. Mission Accomplished Book Cover Mission Accomplished The lucky child star of this book gets to command a simulated mission to Mars, the moon, or another planet.
Time Travelers Book Cover Time Travelers The child takes a trip back in time to see important people and events in history. If I Could Be Book Cover

If I Could Be...An entertaining and thoughtful book in which the child complains about cleaning his/her room. The child learns to be careful about wishing for a different life.

Imagine That! Book Cover Imagine That! Chuggy the toy train helps your child use his imagination to experience exciting adventures.
Santa's Secret Helper Personalized Book Santa's Secret HelperSanta and the reindeer get a late start on Christmas Eve. Your chid comes to the rescue and gets to drive Santa's sleigh. The Hanukkah Rescue Personalized Book The Hanukkah RescueThe child finds a lost boy and makes it a very special Hanukkah for everyone. My Aladdin Adventure Personalized Book My Aladdin AdventureYour child and Aladdin go on a great adventure to find the magic lamp and help Aladdin win the heart of the beautiful princess.
Sportsathon Book Cover SportsathonThe community needs a new playground. The child participates in a fun, six-event sports day to help raise money. You're Over the Hill, Honey! Book Cover Nadine Says: "You're Over the Hill, Honey!"The hilarious character Nadine pokes unmerciful fun at the aging friend of your choice. Fun for grown-ups. Nadine's Guide to Love Book Cover Nadine's Guide to LoveA humorous look at things to consider when thinking about love. Fun for grown-ups.
My Book of Zoo Rhymes - Personalized My Book of Zoo Rhymes The child learns that words can be fun with this humorous rhyming book. Filled with wonderful illustrations of animals.

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